Other Projects - Archived Projects

Old, incomplete, and scrapped projects. This is mostly just for reference, and I should not be dragged in to maintain, answer questions about or even have to mentioned or stand trial over anything here.

accord Accord Was my master's thesis back in 2005, titled "Consistent Lookup during Churn in Distributed Hash Tables". It was later proven that what I tried (provisioning ACID properties to a DHT) was mathematically not possible, as there would always be a configuration that could break the system. The PDF can be found here.

gittool This is one of my first projects where I made a simple git-helper utility for generating diff collections and see branch overview with status info in a console. Supported both linux and mac at some point.
PS: Currently sits in a limbo place between python and java port, but has a limited working java implementation.

libsfu At some point I tried to port gittool to C++11, which was mainly a major flop. It was abandoned around the end of 2014, but later I decided to clean up the project, and make some libraries out of it. This is the "general libs" part of that. I have deleted most of the rest as it was a general mess and largely never worked.

generate_workspace This is a shell script for generating bazel BUILD dependency files for a maven project. It has some odd quirks, but works just fine if you have exactly the same bazel setup as me.

idltool A java port of Über's node-based idl tool to java, including a number of changes. The tool should be more or less command line compatible with the original (as long as it works), and have also added some nits and whistles to the output. Also includes a 'status' command that shows all pending changes to the IDL.