About Morimekta

I am a software developer living in Trondheim, Norway, and currently works at Working Group Two. I do quite a lot of coding for my pet projects on my spare time, in addition to playing Guitar, World of Warcraft and Boardgames.

Note that many of my projects may come under the question "but... why?", so I have prepared some F.A.Q. answers here:

  • Why do you do project X, it's already done in Y?: Mostly because I wanted to do some coding that was not restricted to whatever my employer wants me to do. And for what ever reason I didn't find project Y at all, or it didn't fill the desired whatever at that time. And in the end I had fun, so I guess it was worth it anyway? And doing things like this is immensely fulfilling for me for some reason...
  • This is a waste of time!: So what, It's my time we're talking about here. If you want something entirely else to be done, you can suggest it to someone else too, stop bothering me.

Extra Curiosity

I am also known as "Stein Eldar Johnsen", and my nick-name "morimekta", can be used to contact me on most social media, chat's etc, if I'm there at all.

And if you wonder about the nick-name, then here it comes in short-form: I have had this nick since I got onto the Internet back in 1995. It was actually meant to be morimektar (note the last 'r'), but EFNet IRC had a 9-character limit to the user-handle at the time, thus it became morimekta, and it stuck. It is derived from J.R.R.Tolkien's made up ancient elven language Quenya, and should mean something like "dark swordfighter"... I was probably a little emo at the time.