OSS Projects @ Morimekta.net

This site is an overview over the OSS and related projects that I (morimekta) are working on or contributing to. I mostly work in Java these days, but have pretty good experience with C++, Python and HTML5 / JS, too.

Current / Active Projects

I have a number of active open source projects, though I can't develop on all of them at the same time. So I usually tend to focus on one project at a time. These days it's these that receive most of my code-fu (not in any particular order).

  • [Morimekta Utilities] Utility classes mostly separated out from the providence project. Was initially for testing Android-specialized serialization and containment, but now it contains a varied set of utilities for testing, console apps, IO etc.
  • [Tiny Server] The tiniest app framework for java or kotlin services running in kubernetes without any need for HTML app server, JAX-RS etc. It only has a single admin HTTP service to host metrics, uses logback-classic for console logging, and has support for adding simple health and readiness checks and drain capabilities.

Getting Binaries

You can add morimekta currently via the following repositories. All the packages made should be effectively platform independent, and if not will only be linux / amd64 statically linked binaries distributed in the Deb / Yum repos. You can find downloads available here: