Providence Utils: Thrift Bridge

The providence - thrift bridge is a module to enable complete compatibility with Apache Thrift. It contains a set of serializers that wrap the thrift TProtocols, and clients capable of talking with the simple "Server" and the "NonBlocking" thrift server.


The T serializers are a number of serializers that wrap the TProtocol implementations in libthrift. This way all of the thrift protocols can* be handled in providence, including the thrift json protocol and the compact protocol. The TBinaryProtocolSerializer generates the same binary as the BinarySerizlier, but since it is wrapped and reflective is way slower. The available serializers are:

  • TBinaryProtocolSerializer: The default thrift binary format. Same as the BinarySerializer format.
  • TCompactProtocolSerializer: The thrift 'compact' binary protocol. This protocol is similar to binary but uses zigzag numeric encoding to save space.
  • TJsonProtocolSerializer: The thrift-JSON protocol format. This is NOT the same as the JsonSerializer format, but follows some weird type-wrapping to make it compatible with the TProtocol interface and follow the generated thrift code parsing expectations.
  • TSimpleJsonSerializer: For completeness only: Can only serialize, and not deserialize, to a "simple" JSON format similar to, but not identical to JsonSerializer. What this produces can be read by the JsonSerializer.
  • TTupleProtocolSerializer: A very compact, but non-version-safe thrift protocol format. It uses bitmaps with simple order of fields to know what is present, and just assumes everything is formatted the correct way.

This can be found in the providence-thrift-protocol module.

Service Compatibility

This module adds server and client implementations that can task to standard thrift service implementations. There are both client and server classes for each type of server.

  • SocketServer is a simple TCP socket server talking with one client at a time. Each connection will bind up a thread and will only handle one service call at a time. See SocketClientHandler and SocketServer classes. The providence client is thread safe, and will queue up messages to be handled internally.

  • NonblockingSocketServer is a more advanced TCP socket server that uses framed buffer messages between the client and server, and can handle calls and responses in parallel and out of order. It uses a more complex socket channel system to handle messages internally. The client is thread safe and can be handled by multiple threads at a time over the same channel. The server has a shared thread pool used to provision workers to handle each call. See NonblockingSocketClientHandler and NonblockingSocketServer classes.

This can be found in the providence-thrift-compat module.